Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our last day in Peru

Today is our last day in Peru. We are now in Paracas, south of Lima. It is a desert and the devastation of the previous decades earthquake is very noticeable. This place makes me scared...Scared of a future with no water for only but a few. Life without water is of a very very low quality. I will visit the Nazca lines alone today. these ae the shapes/carvings that are in the desert of Nazca, by the pre-Incan cultures of Nazca. They can only be seen from overhead, and they are of animals and insects mostly. Some think they were made for Aliens to see. some think they were made for the shamans to see while astral traveling in ceremony. some say they are elaborate maps to waterways under ground. Perhaps all three.
Before leaving the sacred valley we spent a week in Pisac. Giancarlo met an organic farmer and worked a bit, planting seeds. I married a farmer, and I love him! We also made friends with a family who ran the hotel we were staying at. We taught the older boy and girl Capoeira. They had a hairless Incan dog (very very strange looking, used by the Incan shamans to help divine).This family has just lost their home in the floods of February. It happened at night. the river started flowing in the town. They spent the night on the roof of their house. Everything was filled with mud and water. The house saved their life. but everything was gone. It is amazing to realize just how impermanent it all is. Whether it be a flood, a death or a divorce; things that we think are forever never are.
Last week were were in Mach Picchu. It was so amazing. the location of that place is powerful, and intentionally so. Giancarlo said, "I feel hopeful knowing that humans can make something of this scale that is total in alignment with the earth. " The Incan's spent 60% of their work energy planning how to deal with water, and 40% planning and building the rest. Khalil and I played hide and go seek, and this is THE BEST PLACE for hide and go seek. We stayed in a place that did bear rescue, and had amazing birds and moths everywhere. It was magical
The kids are so excited to go home. We will be seeing you all soon, and then we will be in part 2, travels to the east.Love Love Love
Nuria and Familia