Sunday, February 28, 2010

life in the hotel

We sure do have some fun in our hotel!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

last day in Bahia

Tomorrow we leave for Fortaleza and then drive to Canoa Quebrada 300K out of the city. This is where the Axis syllabus dancing begins. Tonight we are in Bahia, dancing and music, dirty streets and balmy air, tourists and cars. The kids are getting used to cold showers and fried chicken. We have not trained capoeira once. It feels sacrelidgeous, but between flight delays, jetlag and homeschooling we have had our hands full. Today we watched Olodum play in the street, we all loved it. more later

Friday, February 26, 2010

Our Entry

Our entry was a bit rough, or shall I say Perrrrrfecto. Our first flight was delayed which meant that we had to spend the night in Lima and then negotiate for further ticket changes. Of course GC's control issues got triggered, Mama Nuria's Adventure cravings got satiated and the Kids were well lets just say disoriented and amazing.
All of us, so Jett lagged and sleep deprived finally made it to Bahia. Here the Smells and sounds are familiar and distant. Both Giancarlo and I are reminded of our many adventures, now so far away. Being here as a family is about something different. Aya is making friends left and right, and Khalil is missing his friends back home. I will send photos when we get to a faster internet connection. Photos taken by Khalil too!!