Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So. We are now in Recife and missing Canoa quebrada. So much that nuria is thinking about going back for a week with the kids. Life at the beach is sweet, especially out of the city. either way, we all feel more connected now that the classes are over, it is easier to tap into a routine together as a family, Nuria is less distracted with her new learning passion, and well that just makes everyone a bit more relaxed. Of course we are at the home of Maracatu and now it is time to get busy playing music!!!!!
We will start our search for instruments today and try to connect with a group. Mestre Mago is in Italy until next week, so we will take this time to focus on the drumming. So exciting!!!!!
The last week in Canoa Nuria did a dance film project with her friend Sri, it was really ambitious, really beautiful and really funny. I have included a few photos. Khalil has mede a new friend at the place we are staying now, a boy his age named Celvin. Sweety. They like to swim in the pool at sunset.Aya cried when she left Canoa, she misses the dod dalila and her new friend Lily, it was so beautiful and sad to witness. I do believe that this kind of experience is positive, helps one to carpe dium you know?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Well, here we are again, week four in Canoa Quebrada. The kids are swimming here every day, in the pool at our pousada and in the ocean, so they are getting very comfortable in the water, yeah! As you can see from the images, Khalil Caetano is testing gravity and momentum as he propels himself into the pool. And Ayamila is fully loaded with safety to keep her head above water; goggles are a godsend! Protecting the eyes from the STING allows for alot of exploration in the agua! We had a Karaoke night, sponsored by Nuria Productions which was a big success. Everyone got to lounge around on the mats sing along to some classics. It was a late night... On the left-hand bottom is a picture of the family and our friend Sri Louise as we departed last Sunday to a nearby town called Aracati. The whole town was closed down except for the bank and the big grocery store, our only two stops. The kids have been really great explorers and willing going on evening excursions to town to get Acai, a real treat! Included is a shot of a large Prosopis juliflora, commonly called a Mesquite tree. This large specimen resides in front of the local circus school. I have been collecting the sweet seed pods to snack on and Neil now has me on a botanical mission to collect voucher specimen so he can classify the species. On the top of the page is the one and only, Ayamila with one of her newest buddies, Josaphina, the rescued street kitten making a healthy come back. The kids play with her and the puppy, Dalila, everyday.
From the infinite to the intricate...we are all interwoven, different strings creating the fabric of existance... Love Familia DaTerra.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Another week has gone by, and we are really sinking into the grove of life here. I had a run in with the runs last week which meant that i missed an opportunity to go out with GC, but I recovered fast so all is well. There was a fun party in which everyone drank fancy mixed drinks in pineapples, and my friend Sri started a soultrain, wherein she in her fabulous vegan bootyshorts proceeded to instruct us all how to get freaky. HILARIOUS!!!!
In the fence next to the place we are dancing there was a litter of puppies, one of which came to live at the place we are staying. Aya is so happy. The kids are swimming every day and getting very good at it. It is exciting to see how repetition brings mastery. For Real!!!
Last night we went on an epic horseback ride. I rode with Aya, and Khalil rode with our friend Natalie. Both kids were so brave, especially Aya who had to change horses with me because our first horse started to buck us off. That did not dissuade Aya, no not our most powerful princess warrior. Giancarlo met up with us in a dune buggy, and then he rode on a horse, while they returned into the car. Galloping on the beach under the stars has got to be one of the great pleasures of life. I was reminded of a time in my life when I would ride almost every day. I miss that. Of course I will be remembering the ride for a while since I am bruised on my pubic ramus and inner thighs. This week we will take rope again, I am so excited because giancarlo is in the class as well this time.
I was invited to participate in a womans capoeira event in Recife this weekend. I am torn about going or not, it would mean an overnight bus ride there and back for one day of the event....feels a bit crazy and yet, when else will I have the opportunity to check out a womans event in Brazil? I am attaching some photos for your pleasure. I love and miss you all deeply.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Adventure Continues...

Big Love to all the family and folks back in the Bay and beyond. It is our 2nd week here in Canoa Quebrada and the routines are pretty well established. Nuria is taking an early morning dance class while I am hanging with the offspring. We usually do some home schooling, eat a seconded breakfast and swim in the pool. By 10'oclock it is about 96 degrees in the shade, no joke! The mid-morning class Nuria and I are both taking. This week Frey is teaching a contact improv class called "Count on me". While we take class, the kids play with their new best friend, Lillyana, who is four. Her mom, Ruth, is one of the dance teachers. We have all made great connections and instantly offer each other support in the realm of child care.
Tonight there was a Capoeira and Samba class, followed by an amazing dinner. Ayamila got dressed up and had me paint her face like a "White Leopard" as the pictures show. Khalil Caetano styled his hair-doo with great attention to detail and put on a nice dose of glitter for the evening. Before all this, Nuria and I had some beautiful play time on the beach at sunset time. We practiced some partner flips and frolicked in the waves...pure bliss.
I am feeling deeply grateful for all I have been blessed with in my life. What an incredible gift the opportunity to travel and learn as a family has been. There is much more to come. Thanks for staying connected with us, please feel free to leave comments here on the blog or write Nuria, Giancarlo, Khalil Caetano, or Ayamila a personal e-mail, familiadaterra@gmail.com
love, peace and axe...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Week One in Canoa

Hi this is Giancarlo. We are enjoying our time here in Canoa Quebrada. The sun blazes all day long. The coconuts are sweet. And shade is very necessary. The dance classes with Frey Faust are mind expanding and body centering. As I learn a new way to move through space, I am creating new patterns. After ten days in Brazil I feel as though we are getting acclimated in creating a routine that works for the whole family. Khalil is deep in his studies and learning of the world around him. Aya has made a new friend named Lilliana who is also four. Nuria and I are continuously learning how to love one another and enjoy our lives together to our fullest capacity. I feel a deep gratitude for the opportunity to travel and learn and grow in this way. We both share the feeling of a familial connection with this community of dancers and explorers of the body/mind/spirit trinity.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hello from Canoa quebrada. We are right on the ocean very close to the equator. It is so sunny and hot here we feel like dried meat whenever we are at the beach. The dancing is brilliant. It makes me so happy, I am taking a rope class, which is a new love. Aya and Khalil hang out during one of the classes, as Giancarlo and I are both dancing. the group of people here feel like family already. My friend Sri Louise, who I met at a festival in Maine 17 years ago is here, it is such a joy to see her again. I am including a photo of her, and the dance floor and the kids in a rede(hammock ) playing while we are in class. Aya wants Tutu bobbin to know that she loves her and she will be back later. She also really likes Auntie RiRi. does anyone know how I can get a video onto this blog. It all takes way too long.