Saturday, February 27, 2010

last day in Bahia

Tomorrow we leave for Fortaleza and then drive to Canoa Quebrada 300K out of the city. This is where the Axis syllabus dancing begins. Tonight we are in Bahia, dancing and music, dirty streets and balmy air, tourists and cars. The kids are getting used to cold showers and fried chicken. We have not trained capoeira once. It feels sacrelidgeous, but between flight delays, jetlag and homeschooling we have had our hands full. Today we watched Olodum play in the street, we all loved it. more later


  1. I am so following you!! How exciting... xoxelana

  2. This is awesome! I really miss you guys. great shots! Love you all! Did you feel the earthquake? 8.8 in chile.

  3. Nothing like a strong Lima! Does it count you've been to a place if you spend the night in the airport? I am glad you arrived are all in my thoughts and i'm soooo very glad you have chosen to rock the adventure...tell kahlil that his friends are following his grand adventure and we miss him too but not to worry...we will be waiting for him and his stories when he gets back!

    drink up some of the colors and smells for my gypsy heart.....

    much love, safe travels and blue skies,