Friday, April 30, 2010


And So..We are now in Cuzco, the heart of the Incan empire. A city of 300,000. A place where tourism has moved from 05-85 % of the local economy in less than 20 years. The altitude has been kicking our butts. Fortunately the kids have been fairing much better than us grown ups. WE are feeling a bit lost in this sea of history, where the old has been so violently displaced and the new is so terrifically insane. We are tourists pay money to walk the vary same trails that the local Quetchua people have to walk daily in order to transport food, wares and get to school.
We walked up to 14, 500 feet and spent a long night battling feeling the change in our blood, as our heads pounded and our nausea flirted with us. We are plotting our next moves but very uncertain still. Perhaps the jungle, perhaps an organic farm outside of Pisaq, perhaps staying in Cuzco? Included are some old pictures from the waterfall and some new ones from the ruins, asalt mine, and some water that is flowing in the AMAZING water systems that the Incas created more than 500 years ago and is still flowing (our pipes last what 60 yrs if we are lucky). Love to everyone. We think of home often and miss our family.

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