Saturday, April 17, 2010

We are now in Perenopolis. A beautiful small town in the interior of Brazil. We have said goodbye to the beach for now, and tomorrow we will visit a permaculture center and ecovillage that I we have wanted to visit for more that 7 years now.
Before we left we went to Porto do Galinha a beautiful beach south of Recife and had an amazing time swimming in the oh so hot water.
We had a great time drumming in Recife and purchased some beautiful drums.
Today we went to an amazing waterfall and ate the most incredible food of our LIVES. Khalil had another encounter with the wasps and got stung five times. It was crazy. He really went into shock, but then walked with us to the waterfall and felt so much better after being in the cold water.
Goodbye to the big city. We will travel to Peru to meet up with Sophia soon and our internet access is ocassional at best so...we will try to keep in touch but it is getting harder.
Keep dancing and Making Music everyone.
Much love to everyone.

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