Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So. We are now in Recife and missing Canoa quebrada. So much that nuria is thinking about going back for a week with the kids. Life at the beach is sweet, especially out of the city. either way, we all feel more connected now that the classes are over, it is easier to tap into a routine together as a family, Nuria is less distracted with her new learning passion, and well that just makes everyone a bit more relaxed. Of course we are at the home of Maracatu and now it is time to get busy playing music!!!!!
We will start our search for instruments today and try to connect with a group. Mestre Mago is in Italy until next week, so we will take this time to focus on the drumming. So exciting!!!!!
The last week in Canoa Nuria did a dance film project with her friend Sri, it was really ambitious, really beautiful and really funny. I have included a few photos. Khalil has mede a new friend at the place we are staying now, a boy his age named Celvin. Sweety. They like to swim in the pool at sunset.Aya cried when she left Canoa, she misses the dod dalila and her new friend Lily, it was so beautiful and sad to witness. I do believe that this kind of experience is positive, helps one to carpe dium you know?

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  1. Hi Familia DaTerra! Thanks for sharing your exploration of life, love and adventures. Sending you lots of love, Maya