Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Well, here we are again, week four in Canoa Quebrada. The kids are swimming here every day, in the pool at our pousada and in the ocean, so they are getting very comfortable in the water, yeah! As you can see from the images, Khalil Caetano is testing gravity and momentum as he propels himself into the pool. And Ayamila is fully loaded with safety to keep her head above water; goggles are a godsend! Protecting the eyes from the STING allows for alot of exploration in the agua! We had a Karaoke night, sponsored by Nuria Productions which was a big success. Everyone got to lounge around on the mats sing along to some classics. It was a late night... On the left-hand bottom is a picture of the family and our friend Sri Louise as we departed last Sunday to a nearby town called Aracati. The whole town was closed down except for the bank and the big grocery store, our only two stops. The kids have been really great explorers and willing going on evening excursions to town to get Acai, a real treat! Included is a shot of a large Prosopis juliflora, commonly called a Mesquite tree. This large specimen resides in front of the local circus school. I have been collecting the sweet seed pods to snack on and Neil now has me on a botanical mission to collect voucher specimen so he can classify the species. On the top of the page is the one and only, Ayamila with one of her newest buddies, Josaphina, the rescued street kitten making a healthy come back. The kids play with her and the puppy, Dalila, everyday.
From the infinite to the intricate...we are all interwoven, different strings creating the fabric of existance... Love Familia DaTerra.

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