Monday, March 8, 2010

The Adventure Continues...

Big Love to all the family and folks back in the Bay and beyond. It is our 2nd week here in Canoa Quebrada and the routines are pretty well established. Nuria is taking an early morning dance class while I am hanging with the offspring. We usually do some home schooling, eat a seconded breakfast and swim in the pool. By 10'oclock it is about 96 degrees in the shade, no joke! The mid-morning class Nuria and I are both taking. This week Frey is teaching a contact improv class called "Count on me". While we take class, the kids play with their new best friend, Lillyana, who is four. Her mom, Ruth, is one of the dance teachers. We have all made great connections and instantly offer each other support in the realm of child care.
Tonight there was a Capoeira and Samba class, followed by an amazing dinner. Ayamila got dressed up and had me paint her face like a "White Leopard" as the pictures show. Khalil Caetano styled his hair-doo with great attention to detail and put on a nice dose of glitter for the evening. Before all this, Nuria and I had some beautiful play time on the beach at sunset time. We practiced some partner flips and frolicked in the waves...pure bliss.
I am feeling deeply grateful for all I have been blessed with in my life. What an incredible gift the opportunity to travel and learn as a family has been. There is much more to come. Thanks for staying connected with us, please feel free to leave comments here on the blog or write Nuria, Giancarlo, Khalil Caetano, or Ayamila a personal e-mail,
love, peace and axe...

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  1. GOSH!!! You guys look great! Khalil, love to hear about your stylin styles. The hair is looking so shagarific! That white leopardy is beuatiful! where did you find her?? ;-) LOVE you guys... Good to see some of sun kissed papa carlo. Was wondering when you were gonna be on the other side of the camera.

    Lia xoxoxoxo