Friday, March 5, 2010

Week One in Canoa

Hi this is Giancarlo. We are enjoying our time here in Canoa Quebrada. The sun blazes all day long. The coconuts are sweet. And shade is very necessary. The dance classes with Frey Faust are mind expanding and body centering. As I learn a new way to move through space, I am creating new patterns. After ten days in Brazil I feel as though we are getting acclimated in creating a routine that works for the whole family. Khalil is deep in his studies and learning of the world around him. Aya has made a new friend named Lilliana who is also four. Nuria and I are continuously learning how to love one another and enjoy our lives together to our fullest capacity. I feel a deep gratitude for the opportunity to travel and learn and grow in this way. We both share the feeling of a familial connection with this community of dancers and explorers of the body/mind/spirit trinity.


  1. Creation says yes to you. Gian Carlo full systems yes to you. The layers of knowing will continue to unfold and deepen with frey, its amazing you think you got it, and then you get. you think and again another unfolds, be sure to be nice to your body and honor it first. Do the movements in the way that is safe for you, the styles asks for a lot of release, and us having similar hip pelvic stuff, that was a huge limitation for me in this work, so hold yourself together when you need to. I hold you in my !heart!

  2. ROCK ON!!! unravel the gold thread that weaves this intricate spiral we call LIFE... Can't wait to learn some of those sweet moves from you... Here, I continue to create, rejoice, flourish, expand, re-evolve, laugh, and love... Thinking of you and wishing you LIGHT.

  3. hehe I love that pic of khalil hitting the books. right on dude! I miss you khalil!