Monday, March 15, 2010

Another week has gone by, and we are really sinking into the grove of life here. I had a run in with the runs last week which meant that i missed an opportunity to go out with GC, but I recovered fast so all is well. There was a fun party in which everyone drank fancy mixed drinks in pineapples, and my friend Sri started a soultrain, wherein she in her fabulous vegan bootyshorts proceeded to instruct us all how to get freaky. HILARIOUS!!!!
In the fence next to the place we are dancing there was a litter of puppies, one of which came to live at the place we are staying. Aya is so happy. The kids are swimming every day and getting very good at it. It is exciting to see how repetition brings mastery. For Real!!!
Last night we went on an epic horseback ride. I rode with Aya, and Khalil rode with our friend Natalie. Both kids were so brave, especially Aya who had to change horses with me because our first horse started to buck us off. That did not dissuade Aya, no not our most powerful princess warrior. Giancarlo met up with us in a dune buggy, and then he rode on a horse, while they returned into the car. Galloping on the beach under the stars has got to be one of the great pleasures of life. I was reminded of a time in my life when I would ride almost every day. I miss that. Of course I will be remembering the ride for a while since I am bruised on my pubic ramus and inner thighs. This week we will take rope again, I am so excited because giancarlo is in the class as well this time.
I was invited to participate in a womans capoeira event in Recife this weekend. I am torn about going or not, it would mean an overnight bus ride there and back for one day of the event....feels a bit crazy and yet, when else will I have the opportunity to check out a womans event in Brazil? I am attaching some photos for your pleasure. I love and miss you all deeply.

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  1. You are all so amazing. Thanks for sharing your family adventures with us, the ones keeping the bay warm. It's very warm here. Going to plein air paint now. Miss you tons and tons. Thanks for sharing your poop stories too. Please post some shots of that. :P
    Unca' dubba out.