Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hello from Canoa quebrada. We are right on the ocean very close to the equator. It is so sunny and hot here we feel like dried meat whenever we are at the beach. The dancing is brilliant. It makes me so happy, I am taking a rope class, which is a new love. Aya and Khalil hang out during one of the classes, as Giancarlo and I are both dancing. the group of people here feel like family already. My friend Sri Louise, who I met at a festival in Maine 17 years ago is here, it is such a joy to see her again. I am including a photo of her, and the dance floor and the kids in a rede(hammock ) playing while we are in class. Aya wants Tutu bobbin to know that she loves her and she will be back later. She also really likes Auntie RiRi. does anyone know how I can get a video onto this blog. It all takes way too long.


  1. i like you too aya. i also like khalil, nuria and giancarlo too. love auntie riri.

  2. Nuria, I emailed you some info about how to upload video. I know we all want to see videos from your travels.
    Love, Sarah Jane